“ 50% of the solution is knowing the problem ” – I heard that sentence a lot growing up and it stuck with me, because in my case, I always knew what the “problem” was, but could not for the life of me (no matter what I tried), resolve it and be happy and healthy.
Amanae was the modality that helped me break free of the destructive patterns in my life, by allowing me to let go of the heavy weight I was carrying around with me, through unconditional love and learning how to be in my body and in the moment (instead of in the past or the future).

The work I do can help, whether you know what’s holding you back, but need help releasing it, or you don’t know what the “problem” is but know that something has to change.
Combining the different modalities I’ve studied with my intuitive spiritual connection through my voice, hands, breath and energy; I will guide you through your process of connecting into your Body – your Heart – your Truth. This will allow you to let go of old baggage you no longer need, which will clear the way for discovering your gifts, your light and your freedom to choose in each and every moment in your life.

Welcome to my web site, where you can learn more about AmanaeFrequencies of Brilliance, Spiritual Psychology , Therapeutic Dog Training (Canine assisted therapy) and me, but most importantly – about yourself!

So, surf, read, explore, tune in and see what you’re drawn to; Feel free to drop me a line or give me a call – I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Wishing you a Heartfelt journey,








This painting is used with permission of Alison Zapata: